About us

Somali Foodstuff Company is one of the leading distribution companies in Oman, sales and distributes all kinds of food stuff products.

The company offers complete supply chain management, including creative brand management, and has exclusively marketed and distributed an impressive portfolio of domestic brands since 2008. Operations are supported by a highly skilled staff, ensuring the highest quality standards and maximum value added for brands sold in the Omani retail market.

Somali Foodstuff Company strives to provide customers and suppliers with real added value, to be the premier choice of global suppliers to sell and distribute their products in Oman

This vision is realized through the company’s steadfast commitment to these strategic goals:

  • Identify suppliers’ needs and meet them completely
  • Implement an across-the-board customer-centric approach in everything we do
  • Achieve organizational and operational excellence


Penetrating global brands

Somali Foodstuff Company  is a full service brand management company, with exclusive sales and distribution agreements with a wide range of local and  international manufacturers, such as

1-      Emirate refreshment

2-      Oman Food and  Beverage industries

3-      Al-Hasani Group of industries

4-      Foster Clark Products LTD

5-      Rice Arzoo Brand

6-      Rice Almajlis  Brand

7-      Revitav powder drink


Nationwide sales coverage

Somali Foodstuff Company is committed to uncompromising quality and superior service for its growing customer base, and serves as the industry benchmark in sales, distribution and logistics in the Omani retail market. With over 100 highly-skilled employees in sales, merchandising, distribution and delivery, the company sells nationwide to grocery chains, convenience stores and wholesalers.

A commitment to growth

Somali Foodstuff Company  is a fast-growing company, achieving 20% annual revenue growth over the last two years. The company always has its eyes on the future, continuously adding new product categories and expanding into new sectors, such as drug and cosmetics